Friday, 15 May 2020

Let's Take a Moment

This soundscape with accompanying video introduction of a recorded workshop at Turner Contemporary during The Margate Bookie can be viewed In Your Living Room at The Wandsworth arts fringe if you follow this link:  Let's Take a Moment

During  Creativity and Well being week May 18th until May 24th 2020, I am delighted to offer a  box set of 100 signed limited edition prints at a special price of £25

Photography by Anna Bowman

A soundscape and an explanation

Soundscapes can transport the listener from one environment to another. Listening to a soundscape can calm the mind and encourage time for reflection. Let’s Take A Moment is a sound world reflection of a collection of poetry by Owen Lowery and sounds from a collaborative walk in Gravesend. It focuses specifically on the coast and shoreline from With the fisherwomen of Nairn to the Mediterranean horizon of Pathos Sunset.   The artist and composer Lucy Claire worked with sounds from the walk Let's Take a Moment , the shore, the harbour, the hissing and sucking of the shore, the heady buzz of insects and the rhythmical sploshes of oars moving in and out of the water to bring another dimension to Owen’s words and help transport the listener from one place to another. 

The Box Set 

‘Let’s Take a Moment’ is an A5 box-set of materials produced through a walking event which was part of Arts and Minds a festival in Gravesend, Kent in 2019.  The lid of the box has a QR code printed on it. This links to a soundscape of the walk which can be listened to on iCloud. Inside the box are materials to interact with as you listen to the soundscape of the walk. These include a palo Santo incense stick, a rope to knot meditatively while listening, a copy of a performance of a sermon enacted during the walk, and a set of cards with listening activities.


Contact details: Elspeth (Billie) Penfold

A screen grab from twitter

Walking Weaves: Digitalising the Quipu

The Wandsworth Arts Fringe started last week , In Your Living Room. 

The arts listings and interactive element of this years fringe opens up the range of possibilities to create hybrid events which are both "live'" and digital. 

This has created a wonderful platform illustrating the possibilities for artists and community in which to develop events . 

I have four events which you can access below through Thread and Word at WAF 2020. 

The two pieces below are also digital stories containing  work made through walking and weaving in collaboration with artists and inviting community participation through making quipus.

a 14 minute film - A Walk with Shrines , with quipus attached to varas

13 short stories each three minutes long at The Listening Post

And ,of course you are my community now!

I'd love it if you could checkout the events at WAF,  listen to the soundscapes and email a photo of your quipu knotted rope . I have attached a sample of the ones I have received so far.

Each quipu has a particular story which you can see if you visitThread and Word Facebook Page .

I really hope you have time to listen, make and  email me your quipu : 


A short description of each of thes events listed can be found below

Are You Listening?
Are You Listening?  is a binaural soundscape of a performative walk. This walk took took place in Battersea Park as part of the Chelsea Fringe in 2019. The walk was supported by The Work and Play Scrapstore in Wandsworth. The recording shares sounds from the local area, poetry and performances which respond to particular sites during the walk. These draw your attention to our interconnectedness and environmental sustainability.  It has an accompanying slideshow. You are invited to join the walk, wear headphones, if you can. Take a rope ( ( not compulsory, but could be fun) and knot as you join in the poetry readings and actions. You are invited to make a quipu (meditatively knotted rope) of your experience and send the photo  to elspethpenfold@yahoo.co.uk . Your quipu and its story will be posted on The Thread and Word facebook page with your permission.
A Thread and Word Production by the artist Elspeth Penfold and invited artis

A Walk with Shrines  (a film)
14 mins

 Celebrating our love of books and what they mean to us. Artists and authors join together in a walk building shrines to selected books and poems at chosen sites during the Margate Bookie 2018. This film takes you on their journey through the making of the ‘ofrendas’ or offerings and the ritual of building temporary shrines at chosen sites during a walk in Margate. The film was made with funding support from Arts Council England , Turner Contemporary, Margate Bookie, Kent County Council and Margate Festival Now.

A Thread and Word Production by the artist Elspeth Penfold and invited artists

Let’s Take a Moment  
Let’s Take a Moment
 ‘ Let’sTake a Moment’,  is a soundscape of a performative walk in Gravesend led by the artist Elspeth Penfold . This was part of REFLECT: Arts and Minds, 2019 a project commissioned by LV21 and Sounduk art. Artists were invited to create work which connected with this stretch of the Kent coastline in Gravesend. 
Local community, visitors and artists were invited to walk with us through Thread and Word and take part in the celebration of a mindful walking event through the knotting of ropes.
As you listen to the soundscape and watch the slideshow you are invited to knot a rope as a mindful interaction with the sounds you are listening to.
The walking event and soundscape were made with funding support from The Welcome Foundation and Arts Council England.
A Thread and Word Production by the artist Elspeth Penfold and invited artists

 The Listening Post

 Join us at The listening Post. A curated aural exhibition of short stories. Thirteen short stories (3 minutes approximately) read in the authors own voices set to sounds by the composer and musician Lucy Claire.

The authors include :Jess Kidd ,Christina Lovey,  Owen Lowery,  Sonia Overall , Peggy Riley , and Philip Whiteley, Helen Atkinson, Susan Emm , Amanda Jones, Sue McClymont,  Elizabeth Scrase
A curated aural exhibition of short stories. Join us at WAF in your Living Room. If you can, listen with headphones and be transported through sounds and words.

A Thread and Word Production by the artist Elspeth Penfold and Lucy Claire.