Saturday, 22 June 2013


Barclays Bank

8 Alexandra Rd 
SW19 7LA
Friday July 5th and Saturday  6th

Elspeth Penfold is a painter, printer, weaver and maker of installations.Her installations are site responsive and include:

“Impossible Weaving” (Horsebridge Centre, Whitstable, January 2010) ,
Gaucho Sunset (commission for the Oyster Festival July 2012),
Lobster Pot Garden (Whitstable Biennale Satellite Program 2012)
Elspeth was also part of a studio team working on Maria Nepomuceno’s installation at the Turner Contemporary, in Margate.http://www.turnercontemporary.org/exhibitions/maria-nepomuceno  

“From the Cradle......” is a piece which takes as its inspiration a poem by the chilean artist Cecilia Vicuna , Impossible Weaving, 
”..to think is to spin, let it hang from a thread....handspun, the thought of the hand....”
and the work of William Morris, How We Live and How We Might Live. 

For more about Elspeth and her work please visit:
She can be contacted on: elspethpenfold@yahoo.co.uk and is happy to welcome visitors to her studio in,Wimbledon, London.

Recent exhibitions include:

Colorida Art Gallery Lisbon, exhibition of paintings -December 2012
Galeria de Marchi, Bologna, Little Treasures exhibition curated by Paola Trevisan, Trevisan International Art. April 2013
Gallery 2 exhibition, Discovery, Horsebridge Centre Whitstable May 2013

Print Fair, Sydney Cooper Gallery Canterbury July 31st - August 31st. 

Friday, 14 June 2013

I am back from Puglia and am delighted to have my painting as part of the collection at the Marechiaro Hotel.

 "Porcelain Blue" 80 x 80 cms, 
collection of the Hotel Marechiaro, in Gargano.

 artists hard at work!!

 The private view
I had an amazing time, a very big thank you to Paola Trevisan for selecting me to be part of the international workshop at the Marechiario Hotel In Gargano.....the experience surpassed all my expectations. Hope you enjoy the photos.