Saturday, 28 March 2020

Walking Weaves

 In the Footsteps of Sheila Hicks.                  


I belong to the  walking artists network and have been following some lovely insightful pieces posted by fellow members. Titled : Walking in The Time of Virus. The wonderful thing about belonging to a community of walkers is that it is a supportive group and one idea leads to another.

This is something I started this week which I will be working on during self-isolation. My initial idea came  through this work Promeneur ,by Sheila Hicks see image attached . This is a piece I have always loved.

It is a small weaving made on a little portable loom that is made of stretch bars. These were used by Hicks as private expressions or ramblings. Ramblings seems a particularly apt terminology. Hicks has made thousands of these since graduate school.

 I will be making daily small weaves during this period of self- isolation. These will reflect walks I have done, walks I miss, imaginary walks and walks I am looking forward to doing in the future. 

 A Walk in Wimbledon


A Walk on Wimbledon Common


A Walk on Tankerton Beach (remembered)


As time passes I will update this blog with more photos of walking weaves.

You can also follow these and their stories by following these links:

Thread and Word

I miss walking with freedom and the time to do as I please, this is one way of taking some time to meditatively walk and think through weaving. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Florilegium, A Gathering of Flowers 

Walking and creating stories with GOLD project group members .

A window installation at 215 217 Northdown Rd . Margate for POW Thanet 2020.

The installation will be in place for the whole of March.

  1. This project takes its inspiration from Foreligium, a diary shared between communities that are interested in flowers. Floreligium can be translated literally as "a gathering of flowers". It contains scraps of writing, drawing and collage that have been shared amongst the community and those who are new to it. They discuss the discovery of new specimens, the best spots to see a rarity and other fanatical stories.

Our project began with a walk at the Garden Gate in Margate in January led through Thread and Word.

 Unravelling a ribbon with a line from the poem Thread and Word written by Cecilia Vicuña. 

We walked around the garden and  read lines from the  poem Hilo y Palabra by Cecilia Vicuña and through walking reading and talking we gathered our ideas.

We made rope.

We created

This was followed by fortnightly workshops at GOLD led by local artists. The members of GOLD projects experimented with techniques and  materials.

Fab display boxes made by George Harding and Georgia May Jaeckle

Some careful curation in March

A celebration  

We hope you have time to visit!

A project delivered through Well Projects and GOLD Project  in Margate supported by POW Thanet