Monday, 25 July 2011

Here is another collograph!! I love the freedom of working with paper on paper and creating my own printing plates!!

The process involves building up the image using card, oil, mesh, balsa wood, collage and found objects.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Timbre 22.5 x 32 cm

Just delivered my entry to Bite at the Mall Gallery
It is called El Viaje and is a relief print, using ink and collage. The piece is inspired by the groynes and harbour at Whitstable and makes me think about voyages. I think its a result of coming from a family of immigrants!

Wish me luck.

Monday, 11 July 2011

This is one of the prints I have been working on. I am really pleased with this one as it uses a lot of layers of different materials to build up the image.

It is called Low Tide and is a monprint from a collagraph on paper using ink, collage and watercolour, 32 x 46 cms unframed

Hope you like it!!

Been a bit quiet on this blog!! Have been busy using my new printer, I'll be posting images of my new work during this week. Am working on how to photograph them. In the meantime, check out
http://www.whitstableoysterfestival.com/. I have been notified today that my proposal for an installation will be included as part of the program next year, I will keep everyone in touch as the ideas develop.

Starting this week and on show during this year's Oyster Festival I am exhibiting a monoprint at the A1 exhbition at the Horsebridge. Hope you can make it!! Check out http://www.horsebridge-centre.org.uk/?q=node/5217