Sunday, 13 May 2018

Looking forward to Hazelfest on May 20th hope to see some of you there.

Thread and Word at The Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2018

Highlighting the campaign by The Refugee Tales for an end to the unlimited detention of asylum seekers and refugees in the U.K.

Three days  at The Putney Pantry with Thread and Word

Birds cut out and sent by artist and quilt maker Maggy Rodd from Broadstairs
The event gave us the opportunity to engage in conversations with visitors to the Putney Pantry and also to collaborate with individuals and groups who had chosen to come and support us. 

 Day 1 Monday 

The artist
Elainna Arkeooll arrived with her beautiful embroidered pieces.

These pieces contain the prologue to the Refugee Tales.

setting up outside

  A shirt embroidered by Myra Vasdekys placed on a gate at the entrance to St Mary's Church Putney.

 Creating  a temporary installation which is recreated each day in a slightly different way. 


The textile artist Janet Gilbert  from Nottingham spent two days working with us. 

Janet brought her own samples of cut out birds and also her own printed textile materials to add to the process.

Day 2 Tuesday

A visit from members of the London Guild of spinning weaving and embroidery

The Prologue from The Refugee Tales

Day 3 Wednesday

Artist Nicola Weir's work arrives from Edinburgh

Daniel Doherty from The Putney Social
A visit from Brenda Jenkins representing the Gatwick detainee Welfare group bringing leaflets about The refugee Tales.
Brenda stitched one of Janet Gilbert's beautiful textile prints.

Jane Morley giving us hope

and so now looking forward to Hazelfest  on May 20th with Thread and Word

Thread and Word will be open to the public and will invite participation in a collaborative sewing event with a focus on a call for an end to unlimited detention of asylum seekers and refugees in the U.K.

Thread and Word is a collaborative group set up by the artist Elspeth (Billie) Penfold. 

For more about Elspeth’s work :

The group Thread and Word has used walking and textiles to bring together people who welcome the opportunity to take part in collaborative events highlighting social issues and sharing stories. 

More about this work can also be found on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ThreadandWord/

For Thread and Word at WAF participants will be given materials to stitch together using outlines of birds . All materials will be supplied and there is no requirement to have any prior knowledge of stitching or embroidery.

The project will be linked with Refugee Tales , please follow this link to find out more about http://refugeetales.org 

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Virginia Fitch performs from Pruffock

'Sound and Sway'  A photo diary

A Walk for the Margate Spring Bookie 2018 

Thread and Word
at the Turner Contemporary
With thanks to:

The Margate Bookie team headed up by Andreas Loizou,

Jennifer Deakin (photography),

Sonia Overall (creativity, writing, walking),
Virginia Fitch (performance),
 Simon Cole (performance introducing 'Lookers and Watchers),

  Turner Contemporary for hosting
Bibliocartomancy with Sonia Overall
Andreas with Elspeth (Billie)
A game of chance with Eliot's verse

 A big thank you to all to our fellow walkers who joined us for a sunny walk.

                                                  "On Margate Sands
          connecting nothing with nothing "

Listening to Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring,

followed by a simultaneous group reading

using random extracts of The Waste Land 

Sonia Overall, poetry

On Margate Sands

 Join us on our next walk, part of the Whitstable Biennale 2018 Satellite program:

A Long Walk to Nowhere 

- exploring displacement, disorientation and negotiation through mud walking and craft,

 June 9th free but ticketed on Eventbrite, details in the Satellite 2018 program

with :

Kate Monson

Simon Cole, Lookers and Watchers
Lookers and Watchers

(not in a gallery) 

exploring what happens when you take art  for a walk in the mud.


    Our journey starts here.