Monday 1 October 2018

A Walk with Shrines - Owen Lowery, Transitions Poetry

Here images of four 'Ofrendas' made by artists/makers/authors in response to #OWLOWERY 's Transitions Poetry Margate Bookie.

Our film 'Ofrendas' made with support from  Arts Council England,  to be posted on vimeo shortly with explanations of the work and the artists thoughts . 
Maggy Rodd, Brailed a verse

Laura Sawyer , a focus on the breath.

A Walk with Shrines was part of Margate Festival 2018:Now, which was funded by Turner Contemporary, Dreamland and Kent County Council .
Still photography by Anastasia Miller

Sonia Overall assisting those who assist......

 Looking at the shrines as it is assembled.

The site for our shrine
Items sent by Owen to support the ideas behind our shrine.

 Exploring the relationship between #walking#weaving and #writing through #ThreadandWord.

 For more about  Owen Lowery Transitions

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