Monday 15 October 2018

Thread and Word - A Walk with Shrines.

A film with footage of processional walking and of offerings created to form a liturgy to four books by four authors at The Autumn Bookie in Margate.

 An introduction by Andreas Loizou , founder and director of The Margate Bookie

The Margate Bookie is all about breaking down the barrier between authors and readers. 
The ofrendas give a very personal insight into the writing process – touch the Ramones T-Shirt Jess Kidd wore when writing her first draft, hear the songs that motivated PJ Whiteley when the going got tough. It’s great that writers with the profile and talent of Elise Valmorbida and Owen Lowery immediately said yes when I first told them about the Margate ofrendas. 
Writers want to know they’re being read. It’s such a lift when someone tells you I really love your book. But Elspeth and her collaborators take this spirit to a higher level. Stop for a second and try to imagine how you would feel if someone made a shrine to your book. I can’t imagine a purer expression of gratitude.
May there be many more walks and shrines – and pilgrims! – at future Bookies.

Thanks to: 
 Anna Bowman (film maker) , Anastasia Miller (Photography) 
authors:  Owen Lowery, Jess Kidd, Elise Valmorbida and Philip Whitely

artists and makers: Elaina Arkeool. Maggy Rodd, Deb Jackson , Sharon Rowe, Sonia Overall, Laura Sawyer, Sara Trillo , Virginia Fitch, Diana Lane, Elspeth Penfold

and all who came and walked with us !

A WALK WITH SHRINES by Thread and Word from Anna Bowman on Vimeo.

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