Tuesday, 2 October 2018

 photography, with thanks, Anastasia Miller

A Walk with Shrines with The Margate Bookie

A Walk with Shrines was part of Margate Festival 2018:Now, which was funded by Turner Contemporary, Dreamland and Kent County Council.

'Ofrendas' made by artists/ makers for "Marching on Together" by PJ Whiteley

A walk in the shape of a Labyrinth by Sonia Overall at Trinity Square War Memorial

abstract painting , 16 panels making a whole Deb Jackson
Deb Jackson

A shirt donated by PJ Whiteley printed by Elspeth Penfold
A bell part of our liturgy by Sonia Overall
Sara Trillo ,2 flowers , 2 pages as in a book

A journal quilt by Maggy Rodd
with thanks to PJ Whiteley for walking with us
 A link to our film where artists and makers describe their 'Ofrendas' with thanks to Anna Bowman made with the support of Arts Council England  

A WALK WITH SHRINES from Anna Bowman on Vimeo.

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