Sunday, 23 September 2018

A  Filming day for  "Ofrendas" 

'Ofrendas' is a short film which will be shown before  A Walk with Shrines at The Margate Bookie on Saturday September 29th at 10.30 a.m. at Turner Contemporary, as a part of The Margate Bookie.

A Walk with Shrines  aims to take participants on a journey through books, poetry, Margate and the passion and following these engender. 

The books :

Madonna of the Mountains (Elise Valmorbida)
Marching on Together  (Philip Whitely)
The Hoarder (Jess Kidd0 
Transitions Poetry (Owen Lowery)

At selected spots in Margate books will be introduced and then a small shrine will be built and marked with offerings made by contributing artists and community members .

In this way we will take a moment to express our gratitude to the authors, their books and Margate for the community and the difference this collaborative engagement can make to our lives. 

Artists,  makers  and creators

Sonia Overall, Sharon Rowe, Laura Sawyer, Sara Trillo , Deb Jackson , Maggy Rodd, Elaina Arkeooll Virginia Fitch, Diana Lane .

The event will include a short film, screened at the Turner about the process used in creating this walk.

This will include footage of items sent by and emails exchanged with selected authors who contributed to the making of the shrines.

 It will also include footage of the artists and members of the community who have been involved in creating offerings (ofrendas) for the shrines.

Here some photos of the making of the film.    We are still working on it and will be filming and recording in Margate on Wednesday, but I thought it would be fun to share some of the process with you.

The film will be followed by a walk, lasting one and a half hours, stopping at selected spots in Margate which will be mostly over flat terrain. The shrines will be built at selected locations which we feel connect with the four chosen books and authors. Small devotional offerings will then be placed, these can be material or performative. The shrines will be photographed and dismantled as part of this pilgrimage around Margate.

With thanks to Anna Bowman  for filming

Photography by Anastasia Miller

We hope you will be able to join us :This event is free but ticketed here

'As with pilgrimage it is the process of travelling , rather than the destination , which is crucial ; this is , like  the back to back repeat projection of a single film programme, a 'Continuous Performance'.

(Dorothy Richardson and The Haptic Reader , in Haptic Modernism by abbie garrington

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