Saturday, 28 March 2020

Walking Weaves

 In the Footsteps of Sheila Hicks.                  


I belong to the walking artist's network and had been following some lovely insightful pieces posted by fellow members, these were posted on the network with the title: Walking in The Time of Virus. The wonderful thing about belonging to a community of walkers is that it is a supportive group and one idea leads to another.

 I started these weaves which I worked on during self-isolation. My initial idea came through the work Promeneur,by Sheila Hicks see image attached. This is a piece I have always loved.

It is a small weaving made on a little portable loom that is made of stretch bars. These were used by Hicks as private expressions or ramblings. Ramblings seems a particularly apt terminology. Hicks has made thousands of these since graduate school.

 I made daily small weaves during this period of self-isolation. These reflect walks I had done, walks I missed, imaginary walks, and walks I was looking forward to doing in the future. 

 A Walk in Wimbledon


A Walk on Wimbledon Common


A Walk on Tankerton Beach (remembered)


You can see more of these and their stories by following this link:

I missed walking with freedom and the time to do as I pleased, this was one way of taking some time to meditatively walk and think through weaving. 

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