Sunday 21 July 2019

The LV21 Gravesend , two walks and a tactile bench in October

A Commission, Soundscape, blog, research and funding.

An MA in Creative Events Management at Falmouth University

Well it's been a while and there is  a lot happening. 


I am delighted to be working on two projects with LV21 and Sound uk. These are part of 'Reflect + Arts and Mind project, Gravesend and Bude, 'Time to Sit and Stare'.


I attended the launch of the project in May and am busy working with a group of artists to deliver two walks and a tactile bench.These projects will be delivered through 'Thread and Word'.

 Now thanks to the generous funding from Arts Council England ,we will be able to record a soundscape.


As things evolve, and they always seem to, it seemed a great opportunity to record a soundscape of the walks. I am delighted to say I put in an application to Art Council England and have received the funding. This will enable me to create a team through Thread and Word to work with The Mess Room in Chatham and the artist and music composer  Lucy Claire to widen participation in our walking events and soundscape.

 It is great to have the funding and I am grateful to the Arts Council England for their support.

Blogging, a new Thread and Word reflective blog and research

I have recently started an MA in Creative Events Management at Falmouth University. My first assignment has been to create a blog. This is part of the assessment for the MA and I have now completed it and handed it in .

I have used the metaphor of weaving to create insights into The Journeys with The Waste Land project at Turner Contemporary applying ideas and knowledge recently gained from the MA  course. 

New beginnings, creativity and project organisation

Here are images with themes for the blog postings . I hope you enjoy them. If you'd like to read them  click the caption,  I'd love to have some feedback !

The Problem, defining events.
Weaving, walking ,blogs and reflecting?

Moving the Heddle changes the pattern - how we measure value.

Unravelling the budget   


A reflective weave , hope you're having a good summer!            

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