Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Are You Listening, Elspeth - Billie-  Penfold 2019

Are You Listening?

A Soundscape produced by Thread and Word.

 Weaving together of sounds from our walk in Battersea Park on Sunday May 26th.

Tracks :

1. Trees Can Talk
     Billie Penfold

2. A Late Blackbird
    Owen Lowery 
    Read by Virginia Fitch

3. Go with your creative flow 
    Julia Riddiough
    enacted by Laura Shawyer

4. Orange seeds
    Billie Penfold , Julia Riddiough, Laura Shawyer

5. Listening to Blackbird as You Fly Out
    Owen Lowery
    Read by Virginia Fitch

6. Miracle
    Susan Sciama

7. The importance of Listening and the Volcanic
     Billie Penfold and Lucy Claire drawing Sounds
     Poetry Susan Sciama

8. Blackbird ay The Streatham Fox by Owen Lowery 
     read by Virginia Fitch
     Wordsworth read by Susan Mcyntire

9. London Calling, A Shout Out
    Julia Riddiough
    Enacted by walking group led by Billie

You can listen to these tracks here: https://soundcloud.com/user-287878104
We Hope you enjoy it!

With thanks to:
Lucy Claire for recording and putting these nine tracks of our walk together
and to all who walked and participated this walking event.

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