Thursday, 4 April 2019

"Sumak Kawsay" a limited edition book of poems.    

by Thread and Word

A Thread and Word publication, using
riso printing (an eco -friendly method for printing using soya based inks and recycled paper which works in a similar method to screen printing).

This limited edition print run of 100 copies will be at "Cabinet" an exhibition at #espaciogallery  which opens next week curated by JennyTimmer.

The content for this book with images and poetry was written by the participants in our walk "Sumak Kawsay' , a walk for Terminalia in February.

Poetry : Virginia Fitch, Susan Emm, Jonathan Skinner (ecopoetics), Diana Lane,  Sue Mclymont,  Anna Bowman,  Julie Pickard,  Laura Shawyer,  Katherine Zeltner,  Susan Sciama

 For more about this walk https:  Sumak Kawsay, A Walk in Seasalter, Kent

If you would like to reserve a copy you can direct message/email me or pick up a copy at Espacio Gallery

next week,  the PV next Thursday April 11th.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

With thanks to GeorgeHarding @well_projects for all his help with layout and printing.

For more about Thread and Word: Thread and Word 


  1. How beautiful. Congratulations on creating such a gorgeous book. Sorry I'll miss the PV as I'm in Oz till 15th April

    1. Thank you ! Enjoy your trip and look forward to catching up when you get back . B x