Sunday, 24 March 2019

The Citizen Ship

Will be launched on Friday March 29th 

You are Welcome

An Act of Citizenship With Thread and Word


A welcome invitation to join us 

on the LV21 in Gravesend

on Saturday March 30th

12pm - 3 pm   

You are invited to join Elspeth (Billie) Penfold to create an action through Thread and Word that explores Citizenship and what it means to you on  this day on the LV21. 

Please join Billie in making your own rope. There will be a choice of materials and colours .

It is suggested that you might choose these giving thought to colours and materials that you connect with your feelings about being the member of a community, be it national or local.

You can then knot your rope as a memory aid that reflects your thoughts about what citizenship might mean to you. 

You might like to take your rope for a walk around the LV 21 
while you gather your thoughts as a way of thinking about  citizenship and belonging. There will be a number of events on this day exploring Citizenship on the LV21, which could trigger ideas. You can then create knots in your rope as a reminder as you walk. 

a Vara in the making

You are invited to return your rope to Billie and help her attach it to a ‘Vara’ or pole . 

This Vara will have a particular weave made on an Inkle loom by Billie for this event .

This Vara titled ‘ Acts of Citizenship LV21’ will form  part of an exhibition with several varas representing 14 collaborative walking events from the last four years.

Launch party May 16th

The Varas  have been selected as part of an

   ‘Contemporary Art and Ritual’ at the Crypt Gallery at St Pancras. 

May 16th - May 21st.

(Exhibition curated by Deborah Burnstone and Caro Williams.) 

For more about Billie and her work :

Facebook : Thread and Word
Instagram : elspethpenfold
Twitter: @elspethpenfold



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