Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Sun Pier House Gallery, Chatham, residency during the month of July. 

I was delighted to be offered the opportunity of a residency at Sun Pier House Gallery, during the Medway arts festival. 

I decided to use this opportunity to experiment with documenting the walk I had organised as a part of the Research Forum, A Journey with The Waste Land. 

For more about this:http://wasteland.onsocialengine.com/news
knots made by one of the participants.

Visitors were asked to walk on the paper to record their footprints and become a part of the walking memory.

I have been away so will post images of the marks on the paper when I return to Chatham.

Jennifer Deakin has been exhibiting some of  her photos of the walk in the gallery space next to the Quipu and it looks great. I hope some of you have time to visit before it comes down on July 31st.
The "Quipu", using the ropes which participants had knotted during the walk, now becomes the memory of that walk.

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