Saturday 14 November 2015

I am delighted to be included in this exhibition.

I will be at the gallery on Friday 20th November from 2pm until 4 pm as a scheduled event organised to meet the artists. If you are unable to visit at that time but will be attending, please let me know and I will try to be there to meet you. 

As those of you who know me will be aware my piece, you can see the image shown at the bottom of this posting, is very personal. It is inspired by the Inca's "Quipus" and my mother's dementia.

Thank you to Natalie Banaigs, Kent Creative Live and all the selection panel for the hard work they put into organising this event. 

MEMORY opens on 20th November
MEMORY , the next 'Kent Creative Live' group show, will open at Pie Factory Margate on 20th November 2015.  

The show will display 70 pieces of work by Kent artists who responded to the theme 'Memory', covering a variety of mediums: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, textile, video, installations, etc.. 

From personal to collective memories, all can be contemplated and enjoyed at this exhibition. 

Submitted works have been selected by a jury panel : 

Dominic Gunn, director of Gallery Gunn , says "A provocative mix of artwork with an even greater response to the theme of ‘Memory’ than I anticipated. This proves to be an exhibition where a range of media has had each of its own unique qualities used most effectively in pursuit of one truth about memory". 

Faye Hackwell, producer at BBC Radio Kent, says: "It has been fascinating to see "Memory" interpreted in so many different ways - from the artists' personal recollections, to how our memories work, to looking at the impacts of dementia on a person's mind. 
There are some stunning works inspired by places in Kent which many local people will have their own fond memories of and some very emotive pieces about loved ones lost.      

         Mark Paul Perry, Contemporary Artist & Director at SEEArt Fair says: "It is encouraging to see the breath of diversity and thought provoking Artwork that has been entered into the competition. "      

Pie Factory Margate,5  Broad Street, Margate, CT9 1EW 
20th to 25th November 2015 
From 10:00am to 4:00pm 
http://piefactorymargate.co.uk  http://piefactorymargate.co.uk


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