Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A journey through the Wastelands Walkers

I am very pleased to be part of a walking group as part of the Turner Contemporary Wastelands Research group . For more about this project: http://wasteland.onsocialengine.com/about .

If you sign up you can find out more about the project and there are more details about the walking group on my page.

We are taking our lead from AIR at Central St Martin's:

" using walking as a method for "staying" and paying attention to a place, with an emphasis on keeping the research process open and unknown, outcomes through doing things in the everyday ...."

Our first walk is today at 2pm leaving the Nayland Rock Shelter and walking to Eastern Esplanade.

Let me know if you fancy joining us and I'll ad you to the mailing list. I hope to keep blogging about this as the project progresses.

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