Monday 10 January 2022

Plough Monday 2022

 Setting the Furrow to the Plough 

With thanks to Sara Trillo for leading me to this destination for a walk in Kent and for the walking prompt by @SoniaOverall #Distance Drift. 

I have included my collage as  I map our digital map A Different LENS with Fred Adam. 
Making maps of maps 😉.

This was yesterdays walk following a walking prompt from @Sonia Overall on Twitter :

1/ Sandwiched between Distaff Day (7/1) & Plough Monday (Mon after 12th Night),

I walked KingsGate bay ( sandwiched between Joss Bay and Botany Bay) in Kent

2/ Finding signs & tools of labour & industry: willing, unwilling, or interrupted.

Here are some photos I gathered as I walked,

some work is made by man

and some is made by the sea

and then there’s the interrupted labour of the lifeguard station
( closed for winter).

So back to mapping our map.

There’s much work to be done
( or is it play? ).

A walk between tides.

Happy Plough Monday. Have a great start to the week.

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