Wednesday 27 October 2021

#Walk Create           

I am delighted that Walking Weaves has become a featured gallery resource for walking research, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. This is a fab resource archiving the work of walking artists linked below: 


Walking Weaves is a series of weaves I made during the first lockdown. My initial idea came through Promeneur by Sheila Hicks, a piece I have always loved. Promeneur is a small weaving made on a little portable loom that is made of stretch bars. These were used by Hicks as private expressions or ramblings. Ramblings seems a particularly apt terminology. Hicks has made thousands of these since graduate school. 

I decided to make daily small weaves during this period of self-isolation. These reflected walks I have done walks I missed, imaginary walks, and walks I was looking forward to doing in the future. Each weave was made in the evening and posted on my Instagram page the next day. The postings became a diary as I reflected on the walk that day. I am in the process of uploading their stories on my website:


Thank you to those of you who followed these postings on Facebook and on Instagram during the first lockdown. Making these each day sustained me during a very testing time. 

You can join the gallery launch #walkcreate on November 3rd. It is free but ticketed on Eventbrite:


Hope to see you there ! 

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