Saturday 19 September 2020

A Different LENS

 A Different Lens is a collaborative project produced by the arts group Thread and Word for the Margate Bookie. Our journey starts with nine participating Kent based artists who have created material for an interactive digital map of stories with a focus on Margate and wider locations along the Kent Estuary. 



The first edition, entries to the map, include literary references to Thurber, James Joyce, Homer, Borges, Milton and Galileo. The artists use visual references that connect literature with personal responses to chosen locations.


Each artists has chosen a book, short story or a poem written by someone who is or became blind or visually impaired during their lifetime and introduce their writing to us through a creative engagement with storytelling referencing place.

The project connects with how we develop creative ideas to make the inaccessible accessible.


The map contains a strong audio presence as well as digitalised text and images. Listening to the audio without scrolling the images is a great way of enjoying  the experience without the distraction of reading text and looking at images.

If you are walking in Margate we hope that A Different LENS will  prompt you to engage with your surroundings through listening, providing a different experience as you might be engaging with familiar locations in a different way.

The mobile web app  contains surprise elements and hidden entries that are revealed if you are walking in Margate using your mobile, as the web app of the map links to gps. You must remember to switch the gps on for your phone if you are walking using the map and follow the safety guidelines.

The map is accessible on phones as a walk or on a laptop if you are unable to physically engage in the walk. The laptop experience also connects to gps and can take you on a virtual visit to Margate in an unexpected way. If you scroll through the links you are given insights through text, photos, sound and video which  show you the  locations and how these connect with memories, books and places.  


The map has an information page with full details :

You can visit the map and  find out more about the artists , locations and choices of authors  on the Thread and Word website: 


The vision is for a literary map that is going to develop with time throughout The Kent Estuary. Our next stage for the map will be to include entries by new artists and community members from East Kent Mencap, GOLD for Margate NOW 2020.

Please find information about how to participate through our virtual walks on a Sunday with #distancedrift and Margate NOW here:



We hope you enjoy following our journey!


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