Saturday, 25 May 2019

'Contemporary Art and Ritual'

An  Exhibition in The Crypt Gallery St Pancras

May 16th - May 21st 2019

Photo courtesy Rikard Osterlund

With thanks to Caro Williams
Deborah Burnstone for curating this exhibition

Exhibiting artists, a pleasure to work with you all:
Photo courtesy Rikard Osterlund

Rosalind Barker
James S Bond
Deborah Burnstone
Zara Carpenter
Blandine Martin
Zoe Simon-Walker
Hannah Stageman
Sally Tyrle
Nne Uzolgwe
Jane Walker
Caro Williams

For more about the exhibition and the artists involved


Varas photo courtesy Anastasia Miller

It was wonderful to be able to exhibit the Varas in such a perfect setting.

Matt Bray (Artist and Curator) describes the Varas in his review of the exhibition:

"The first work you encounter upon entering the crypt are a series of knotted rope poles or Varas by Elspeth Penfold, which are actually archives of performative walks. The Varas were made as part of an exploration of the relationship between walking, weaving and storytelling over the past 5 years. They feel like something you might imagine a witch doctor using to conduct a healing ceremony, and the connection is apt as the artist uses her walks in the same vein; expanding our normal small window on the world to allow in something of the divine."

Review by Matt Bray

With thanks to all who came and visited and those who were unable to but  sent us good wishes.

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