Thursday, 21 February 2019

A Walk for Terminalia with Thread and Word. 23/02/2019 
(for more about this walk please see previous blog postings.)

sumak kawsay’*

This photo taken at Reculver , during a walk on Wednesday.
 A Playlist

Woody Guthrie - Waiting at the Gate : youtube.com. https://binged.it/2GQ2FJQ 
Carlos Valera: Muros y Puertas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-10VQQtAnw

Nina Simone : Here Comes the Sun. https://youtu.be/NJiC6cA3dUA

Cat Stevens/Yusuf “where do the children play” 
where do the children play
(contributed by Virginia Fitch)

Happy listening!

Here a pencil weave drawing of part of our route 

* Sumak kasway (quechua) “ ‘goodliving’ and interculturality….centred in the indigenous world view ,.. it aims to overcome the Western model of individualist thought and the dominant concept of development centred in the market” Interview with Pablo Sanaguano, Maria Fernandez Cartagena

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