Wednesday, 18 July 2018


A lovely film by the talented film maker Anna Bowman. With thanks to Peter Herbert and Jill Rock for curating the exhibition at The Arts Project, St Pancras Hospital.

The piece I exhibited is 'Unravelling', it is about by mother who died in December. She was diagnosed with dementia in 20013. The St Pancras Hospital was one of the first NHS hospitals to have a Memory Clinic and it seemed a very fitting tribute both to the hospital and my mum. It was wonderful to have my piece exhibited there with such a talented group of artists.

Without detracting from the wonderful film and exhibitors, the film is 28 minutes long and if you are short of time but would like to check out my piece, it comes in at 11.56 minutes.

As stated by Jill in the film the exhibition is meant to be positive and upliftting. I have spent over 42 years living in the UK, far away from my family and mother who lived in Uruguay. Although daunting it was quite a journey when she decided to come and live in the UK after my father died in 2009.  I am so glad we had that time together and although it was not easy we also managed to have quite a few laughs! This textile piece celebrates this time and I hope you enjoy it.

For more about the exhibition centre at St Pancras Hospital, and their present exhibition 'The Art of Caring :https://www.candi.nhs.uk/news/art-caring-exhibition

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