Friday 20 April 2018

Thread and Word working to support The Refugee Tales at the Wandsworth Arts Fringe and beyond. 

    This event supports the campaign to end the unlimited detention of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

The title Thread and Word originates from a poem written by the chilean artist and eco poet Cecilia Vicuña.          

Thread and Word event at WAF 2018           

Thread and Word will be open to the public and will invite participation in a collaborative sewing event with a focus on the 2018 Walk and stories from the  Refugee Tales .

Work in progress by Debbie

The group Thread and Word has used walking and textiles to bring together people who welcome the opportunity to take part in collaborative events highlighting social issues and sharing stories. 

Myra Vasdekys finds expression for her birds
Helen Read ' s cheeky creations

More about this work can also be found on the Facebook page: 

 We will be at the Putney Pantry at St Mary’s Church May 7th, 8th and 9th from 10 am - 3 pm


with thanks to the Putney Parlour and Berni Griffiths for hosting.

For Thread and Word at WAF participants will be given materials to stitch together using outlines of birds . All materials will be supplied and there is no requirement to have any prior knowledge of stitching or embroidery.

The event will be used to highlight the work and 2018 walk organised by  Refugee Tales, an organisation which is
campaigning for an end unlimited 
detention for asylum seekers in the UK. 

Please follow this link to find out more and book for the walk: http://refugeetales.org/the-walk-of-2018/

A selection of contributors :

With thanks to all the artists and friends and community groups who have given so willing of their time and donated materials and provided inspiration for  for this event  which has grown beyond the initial idea which started last November, these include:

Memorarte , Arpilleras Urbanas, Santiago Chile

Myra Vasdekys (Chiswick) for birds

The Work and Play Scrapstore (Tooting) for Materials

Jennifer Deakin (Canterbury) for materials and  birds

Elaina Arkeool (Hammersmith)

Rita Pagnoni (Merton) birds

The Garden Gate project Cliftonville Margate stitched birds by community members

Further dates for your diary, should you wish. to help and support us :

             May 20th Hazelfest see attached poster 1- 5 pm where we are running a workshop stitching the birds and making ropes and talking about the campaign by The Refugee Tales

                   May 22nd A workshop at The Work and Play Scrapstore   from 1pm - 4 pm   (also on the Hazelhurst Estate) with thanks to Sascha and the team for hosting us, to assemble a banner for Processions 2018 .

              June 9th in Tankerton as Part of the Whitstable Biennale Satellite program , 'A Long Walk to Nowhere' 
               a workshop stitching birds, making ropes and then some experimental mud walking in the Estuary. More details to follow as the final details are just being added to the brochure.

                  June 10th two events - Processions 2018. note Text and Textiles are at the heart of this project.
                                            support us as we march and carry our banner for The Refugee Tales,

                                                             Unity Day at the Hammersmith and Fulham Arts Fest organised by Elaina Arkeool
                                                               10 a.m.- 5 p.m a stall.in Ravenscourt Park, exhibiting our birds and the work we are doing on behalf of The Refugee Tales campaign.

I will be updating this blog with further work as it is made made and our banner starts to materialise

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