Thursday, 5 January 2017

2 Walks  For The New Year

Thread and Word - A London Walk on March 5th 2017

The walk is part of a program of events organised at Espacio Gallery as part of the Threads exhibition curated by the Artists Pool which opens in March. I have had work selected for the exhibition, titled 'Quipu'.

'Quipu' documents one of the walks I organised in Margate for the ‘Writing Buidlings’ symposium at the University of Kent in July 2016.  This walk is an ongoing development of the work we have been undertaking at The Turner Contemporary as a part of A Journey with The Waste Land research group for over a year now. Cecilia Vicuña’s poetry, is very much in the style of a stream of consciousness as first used by TS Eliot.and we will be able to explore these connections as we walk.

I am currently gathering interest from those wishing to take part in this walk, please get in touch should you be interested. I will be organising a few meetings and walks during the next few weeks to explore the poem and to open the process to new ideas, readings and interventions. These walks are by invitation only.

For more about my walking practice and the ideas that underpin walking as research please visit previous postings, you can also visit My a-n blog, Walking with The Waste Land.

I will be posting news about a second walk, which will take place in Margate in a separate posting.


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