Friday, 14 October 2016

Fragments and thoughts, an explanation and an introduction to my use of  Quipus, Ropes and Knots as a way of documenting the walks: To the Garden: A Walk and Talk Through Time and the Seasons with TS Eliot -


"Textiles constitute an area in which socioeconomic codes, aspirations and desires unfold and are renegotiated. Together textiles write history and textile techniques provide us with models upon which to pin ideas and knowledge." 
Artist and Professor of Textiles at Konstfack)

With this in mind the use of textiles in documenting the walks is an important part of my art practice.

 For more about my background
and how
my work:

"Provenance" 2015, maps, wool. bolivian sack on easel.


The Quipu  is a quechua word for knot and was used by the Incas primarily for record keeping and sending messages by runner throughout the empire. There were several "quipucamayus" or qupiu keepers in each village. 

The complex knotting system of coloured threads  created a tiered system of meaning and a unique literature. Research into the literary quipu is still in its infancy. 

These are a few of the  works I and others have made trying to capture memories as part of the walks through symbolic threads and knots. Each of the ropes has been made at the request of a walker who has attended one of the  walks.
 Quipu,To the Garden Gate, walk as a part of the Chelsea Fringe 2016

A quipu developed during my residency at Sun Pier House, Chatham in August 2016
A Quipu of our walk on July 17th for Writing Buildings

Ropes made for The Margate Festival event : A Clifftop Wander 2016
Ropes resquested for The Falling Leaves Festival 2016,
A Walk and Talk Through Time and the Seasons with TS Eliot
named ropes
  1. Margaret's  memory for A Cliff Top Wander, part of the Margate Festival 2016.

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