Sunday, 31 January 2016

Walking and Thinking

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Walk 3  Wednesday January 20th

"You are drawn to the light slow goosestep of the figurative", from Sonia Overall's poem ,"Margate 5th of May". Sums up this walk for me.

We began our walk looking at what was there at the Nayland Rock shelter. We paused to look at  the  shelter as a beautiful space. Wouldn't it be fun to fill those seats and inhabit the space?
We walked along the sea front promenade, we looked at the globe lights spaced at regular intervals and stopped to read extracts from Sonia's "The  Art of Walking".
We decided to walk around the Turner and follow the beach below. We had no idea of how long we'd walked for.
The beach was amazing, the cliff, the tunnel up to the top and wonderful conversations.
Jan said "you'd better tell me when you want to stop as I'll just carry on walking", then invited me back for tea.
The photo I have used is after tea walking back from Jan and Ian's. Such a perfect day.

The walk is just like painting an abstract piece, the what's in front of you ( the figurative) is the platform for the creativity and the art is in the meeting of minds, making connections and sharing the experience.

Can't wait for the next walk!

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