Thursday, 11 September 2014

 I am enjoying preparing for this! I find it hard to talk about my work, but enjoy the process of reflection and revisiting ideas and sketches to get a feel for what I want to say. 

Hopefully some of you can make it! A big thank you to Barbara at Anecdotes Design for organising this event as  a part of the Folkestone Fringe Open.

"Flow" one of the paintings I'll be talking about at Anecdotes Design on October 11th

 I am looking forward to another visit to Folkestone to  visit some of the artists works at the Triennial. Its worth checking out the Triennial blog before going as there is so much to see. 

You can check out the Folkestone Triennial here http://folkestoneartworks.co.uk/

and don"t forget the Folkestone Fringe Open. There are some wonderful pieces like "The Castle"by artists Hollington and Kyprianou, who are making subtle and sometimes less subtle interventions in the town's Wilko Hardware Store!

"a shifting, changing homage to the everyday and ordinary of 2014, overlapping the language of the museum and the gallery  with that of the retail environment at the point where sculpture, product design and branding intersect."

I have a degree of empathy with this as my two most recent exhibitions have involved displaying work in retail shops and I have enjoyed the experience and the dialogue that ensues about my work. At Whit knits in Whitstable (see previous blog postings) someone said to Linda Tilley, but this is a work of art, referring to my window display of the woven and knitted Lobster. Interesting how hopefuly the art shines through and doesn't need to be placed in the gallery to make it art.

For more about the Fringe http://www.fringeopen.com/events/ 

Hope you enjoy reading this and have time to visit.

But....Is it Art?

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