Saturday, 26 July 2014

 My window installation at Whitknits was runner up  for the best dressed window at the Whitstable Oyster Festival 2014.
 Hope you can make it down over the next two weeks as there are some wonderful events including the outdoor cinema on Tankerton slopes.

How the piece developed:

It started with a conversation at my "Knitting Jam" during the Whitstable Biennale in May
It then developed over time.......

and I added other elements
Like the fishing net from the Oyster Festival 2012 which was part of my commissioned installation Titled "Gaucho Sunset".
As well as my Garden Picture made in 2010 using woven fishing line I found on the beaches in Whitstable and in Chile.
Final Piece 

Also a brief mention of Pintar Rapido 2014
 "Chelsea Rooftops from the Cafe at Peter Jones" 2014 mixed media on paper, 84 x 63 cm, framed

Can't believe that  this time last week I was painting in the cafe at Peter Jones for Pintar Rapido 2014. Many thanks to the manager at Peter Jones who was so helpful and also Roger Beckett of Pintar Rapido with his wonderful team of volunteers.

 Am delighted to have been contacted by the Chelsea Framers gallery on the Kings Road to take part in their "Telling the Story", plein air event in September. Looking forward to it!

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