Saturday, 21 July 2012

Inside/outside: materialising the social | Tate

Inside/outside: materialising the social | Tate Spent today at the Tate at the symposium in the Tanks. Claire Bishop was really clever and thoughtful. Loved the piece by Lin Chi -Wei "Tape Music", an 120 meter long tape with embroidered phonetic characters which was born out of a desire to play electronic music through human bodies ...a wonderful piece, exquisitely simple. Also Jelili Atiku's Gbangbayahu whose candid presentation of  his practice which uses performance and political action to try to remould society was really illuminating.

I am so looking forward to setting up Gaucho Sunset on Reeves beach on Thursday....I am in a good place!! Hope to see you there.

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  1. Thanks for your presence during my talk and performance on the 21st July at Tate Modern, London. My audience in this event were interesting and wonderful!