Friday 23 March 2012

I am really looking forward to being Part of this!!

I just thought I'd let you know about one of the art projects I am involved in over the next six months in case you might like to pitch up and have a look!!

I am having the most amazing time making work for the following exhibitions/events: Miles/km (Bussey building, Peckham), Parallax (Chelsea Town Hall in May), Post-View  (Horsebridge  Centre in June) , Beach Installation (Whitstable Oyster Festival in July). I will send out more information about these nearer the time.

March 29th (yes, next Friday...) I am exhibiting a collaborative piece made with an amazing artist  based in Madrid , Ignacio Canete Sanchez... at an exhibition called Miles/KM at the Bussey building in Peckham. There will be forty artists involved in collaborative work which will make an interesting show. Most of us are working together for the first time and the final collaborative pieces are the result of much communication and negotiation, a true meeting of minds.

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