Thursday, 1 September 2011

Tate Modern

Katerina Šedá: From Morning Till Night

Katerina Seda, From Morning Till Night, 2011
Katerina Seda
From Morning Till Night 2011
© The artist. Photo: Michal Hladik
Saturday 3 September 2011, 06:15–19.44

The artist Katerina Šedá has invited eighty residents of all ages from Bedřichovice, a small village in Czech Republic, to perform a one-day action in London.

The eighty volunteers from Bedřichovice become participants of a game, created and orchestrated by Šedá, for one day: from sunrise to sunset. The area chosen by the artist extends from Tate Modern to St Paul’s Cathedral with the church of St Benet at the centre, to replicate the area of the village.

An additional eighty UK-based professional and amateur artists have been invited to assist Šedá in representing the imaginary borders of the village. Each of them positioned at the outskirts of the ‘new’ locality, draws and paints a specific angle of Bedřichovice while facing the urban landscape of London.

Come and explore Bedřichovice on Saturday! Download the map and brochure (PDF, 869KB)

06:15Start of the action
06:15-9:00Morning activities:drinking coffee, reading newspapers, chalk drawing on the pavement, sweeping the Millenium Bridge, riding bikes, doing physical exercises, walking around the village, computer games and greeting passers-by.Throughout the village
09:00-onwardsGardeningTate Modern Community Garden
10:00-14:00Hanging laundry on clothes lineOutside St Benet Church and Tate Modern Community Garden
09:00-11:00Car washingSouth end of Millenium Bridge, outside Tate Modern
10:00-11:30Singing and musicSt Benet Welsh Church
10:00-11:30Cleaning the ChurchSt Benet Welsh Church
11:30-12:00Free Czech language lesson - Come along!St Benet Welsh Church
10:00-18:00Czech books and magazines LibraryIn front of Tate Modern
10:00-19:44Watching DVDs on TVTurbine Hall Bridge, Tate Modern
13:00-18:00Sports activities (table tennis, netball, petanque, badminton) - Come and play!In front of Tate Modern, on the lawn. Sports area marked
13:00-18:00Washing windowsLevel 2 Gallery TM, Salvation Army outside windows, Old Mutual Place building
13:00-18:00Make-up artist - Come and have your face painted!Near TM. On the benches by the green lawn
13:30-14:00The village as seen through the eyes of the locals. A special tour of Bedřichovice village in London. Meeting point: Entrance to L2 Gallery, Tate Modern
14:00-16:00Dog walkingMeeting point: Level 2 Gallery entrance. Throughout the village
15:30-16:00Free Czech language lesson - Come along!Tate Modern Community Garden
18:00-19:44Socialising with friendsThroughout the village
18:00-18:30The village as seen through the eyes of the locals. A speacial tour of Bedřichovice village in London. Meeting point: Entrance to L2 Gallery, Tate Modern
19:44End of the action


Rasha Albazaz, Layla Al-Marzooqi, Debbie Atkinson, Ade Awofadeju, Grace Aza, Vanessa Brier, Virginia Burdon, Leonie Cleeves, Pilar Cortés, Samara Couri, Cherie Deakin, Janine Dela Cruz, Héloïse Delègue, Bertie Dixon, Max Dixon, Emilia Dotcheva, Kristin Duffy, Stephen Feather, Yu Fujita, Gaya3in1, Alexander Green, Dianne Green, Rupert Haines, Georgina Haly, Catherine Hall, Kate Hardy, Jeremy Harvey, Grace Hsu, Lu Hudson, Seo Hyomin, Anna Jones, Francis Kelleher, Caroline Kha, Nikolai Kolev, Aliki Krikidi, Helen Laishley, Nicole Leaning, Colette Lilley, Gilly Lovegrove, Erica Lowe, Derek Man, Gillian Mann, Isabell Markus, Ruth Marquez, Toby Marsh, Jess Mathews, Danell Nelson, Keisha Njoku, Carla Nizzola, Aliyah Owen, Shera H Park, Fiona Parry, Vijay Patel, Elspeth Penfold, Nana Afua Pierre, Aimee Pitassi, Alina Maria Popescu, Charlotte Posner, Cathy Read, Chevonne Reeves, Debbie Roe, Setare Salehi, Inez Schrader, Gabriela Schutz, Margaret Sharrow, Lisa Smith, Evangelia Spiliopoulou, Chinatsu Sunaga, Asako Taki, Claire Tarling, Sara Teramo, Morgan Tipping, Chris Townsend, Jan Tozer, Katie Tunn, Cat Tyack, Jon Braley, Rush Vizette, Julie Wrathall, Ingrida Zvera.

Follow the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of this event on the Tate Blog

With support from Galleria Franco Soffiantino, Turin and Viglietta Matteo SpA,Fossano, Italy, and Czech Centre, London

Tate Modern various locations
On the day please meet us at the information desk on Level 2 to get your map of the village

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